Ordinary / Hard Anodizing
Features: Protective (anti-oxidation); Decorative; Insulative; Enhance adhesion strength of the organic coating Enhance adhesion strength of the inorganic layer.
Electroless Nickel / Black Nickel
Function: Anti-corrosive; Anti-abrasive; Decorative
Zinc Plating
Function: Anti-corrosive; Anti-abrasive; Rust-proof; Decorative
Passivation for stainless steel
Characteristic: The size is unchanged after plating. Function: Anti-corrosive; Clear the impurity; Clean the surface.
Electro Polishing
Characteristic: Same color, clean and bright; Function: It can remove the burr on the surface of the parts, It can Improve the corrosion resistance of surface parts.
Chemical Conversion Coating
Function: Conductive; Anti-corrosive;Environmental protective
Hard Chrome Plating
Function: Increase surface hardness; Improve abrasive resistance; Increase life time.
Large Scale Mold and Oversized Part Plating
JC has been equipped with large plating tank and automatic transfer devices, so can do surface treatment on different kinds of large mold and parts :
Secondary plating
We can use at least 2 methods to do surface treatment on the same product whose base material is aluminum alloy, steel and copper alloy to satisfy the designers.

* 12 Years in metal finishing industry
* 16% Technical engineers
* 8 Years (average length of service in JC)
* 2 Laboratories
* 24 Hours in-process control
* 200 Key parameters
* 2 Plants
* 7 Plating type
* 29 Production lines
Established in 2003, JC is concerned with plating for high precision and difficult parts. We always insist on meeting clients' requirements with high technology, stable quality and outstanding service.
It is well-known that precision surface treatment has been applied in the area like high-speed trains, aerospace, precision connector, etc. Accordingly, our existing clients cover in different industries like mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, medical equipment, communications equipment and so on.
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